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I've never shared like this before on a podcast, warning, you will hear me cry. But it's important that anyone raising animals knows what to expect, the emotional side of livestock (including butcher day though this story is about the birth of a calf the mother rejected and what unfolded), along with my personal story of losing a baby due to a tubal pregnancy. My goal is you will find beauty among the hard and be left with hope. 

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The health benefits of mushrooms are vast and when you consider you can easily grow them at home, it gets even more exciting. Ever since I found healing from stomach acid and ulcers by changing the food I ate (after being on the max dose of prescription medications) I've continued down the rabbit hole of using our food and herbs as medicine. Learn the benefits & how to preserve mushrooms at home for year-round use. Links & resources at

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Learning how to grow mushrooms at home opens up an entirely new world for food production (as well as medicine) in your backyard. You can grow different types of mushrooms in a variety of locations in your backyard and garden. We'll go over the 3 types of growing mediums and which mushrooms do best in each with Mary Ellen from Field and Forrest. For resources, pics and show notes

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It's been five months since the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. There are many changes that have taken place. Some which will remain going forward and some that I'm glad won't be permanent. The pandemic certainly changed a lot of things for almost everybody. How people view those changes depends on how they look at life. These are 7 things (some surprised me) that we're keeping as permanent changes in our lives. Resources and blog post at 

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