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Does homesteading really save money when you take into account the items you need to buy, livestock, supplies, and the time required? Today we dive into this not often talked about subject with Amy Dingham on when you may or may not actually save money homesteading, what to expect, up front costs, evaluating ways to save money (and if they do) in this honest conversation about still an often taboo subject, money. For resources and links go to

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Your homesteading skills will not only save you money but they can help you MAKE money. I share how I'm using our homesteading skills during this holiday season to raise money fast for a fundraiser and how you can do the same thing, for yourself or a fundraiser. Snag my recipes in today's blog post at get my special Holiday Family Bundle right now at 65% to learn how to bake like Ma Ingalls & make your own homemade products

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This is my favorite "lazy" way to compost and build up our vegetable garden soil. If you didn't get to cover crops or a traditional compost pile, you're going to love my sheet mulching method. Learn which manures are best and what materials I prefer for the top layer and why it isn't too late to do this. Get links to all the resources at Increase your harvest and maximize the space you have using organic and natural methods to raise a year's worth of the fruits and vegetables your family enjoys & get all the pre-order bonuses with my new book The Family Garden Plan at

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What you need to know to get the best cuts of meat on your cut and wrap order, what to tell the butcher, and the cuts you MUST ask for that the butcher won't offer unless you do. Learn how to make sure you get the most out of your beef and choose the best cuts for you and your family in Part 2 of our Grass Feed Beef Series! For resources, recipes, and links go to

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These baking hacks and tips show you how to freeze dough for delicious and easy homemade baked goods during busy nights and times without sacrificing any time or flavor! It can be a struggle to always get homemade food served, but these tips come in handy year round but especially during the holidays. I share how I prep pie crust, cookies, bread, rolls and cinnamon rolls ahead of time and what you need to know make it easier and successful. Get my recipes in today's blog post For over 100+ from scratch recipes get my book Hand Made: the Modern Guide to Made-from-Scratch Living  Need simplified steps and you're a visual learner, then check out the Homemade Bread & Baking System here

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When raising grass fed beef there are key things you need to know on butcher day to get the most out of your cow. What to do before the butcher arrives and what cuts to ask for, and some are going to surprise you. How to get the best flavor on your meat and our favorite ways to prepare these lesser heard of cuts. Get the show notes and resources at including our Freezer Space for Meat Guide, so you know exactly how many feet of freezer space you need per animal. Get Melissa's newest book with bonuses at

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How to have vegetables growing all year long (or as close as possible), including which plants will still grow during frosts and hard freezes, which ones can be left in the ground, and for those more tender veggies, how to use plant covers to extend the growing season. For links to resources and the plant covers Melissa uses go to and for the guide to raising your own fruits and vegetables pre-order and get over $96 in bonuses the Family Garden Plan at

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Learn what hygge means and 6 tips for implementing it on the homestead (and why you should!). Melissa talks with Kathie from seasonal homespun living on why embracing hygge during the winter months is good for both the body and soul and practical tips for this Danish tradition. Get all the resources, including recipes and links, at and take Melissa's free sourdough training series here 

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