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In today’s Pioneering Today Podcast (episode #302), did you struggle with diseased plants in your garden last year? Want to expand the garden but need to make sure you're maximizing your efforts? I’m talking with Christine, a homesteader in Northern Michigan who is looking for gardening advice as she and her husband expand their garden, add structures like high tunnels and trellises, and learn how to protect their garden from common diseases. For more information and show notes visit

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Today’s Pioneering Today Podcast (episode #301), I'm talking with Andrea from VW Family Farms. She and her family live on 700-acres where they homeschool their children and raise over 100 head of cattle, 40 pigs, 200 chickens, 15 beehives, and many more. They have 22,000 feet of garden space and grow their own food utilizing greenhouses and aquaponics. Their system also allows them to raise their own tilapia! For more information and shownotes visit

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Today I’m answering YOUR questions! I took a poll on Instagram asking what you wanted to know about gardening - any question on any gardening topic. The results were so many! In today’s podcast, I’m answering as many questions as possible, to the best of my ability based on my own experiences and knowledge. For a full list of the questions and answers, shownotes and any links mentioned, visit

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Did you know you could add nitrogen and feed the soil by using specific companion plants? Today's episode shares which companion plants can ADD nitrogen to the soil, when to plant them, and what you need to do in order to do it successfully (and avoid having crops take over) all with no-till methods. For more information and shownotes visit

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