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Many people recommend artificial lighting to keep up egg production during the winter months, but this is hard on hens. Alternatively, I work with the seasons to allow the hens to produce eggs in their natural cycles. As a result, our homestead has high egg production in the spring, with low production in the winter. A critical homesteading skill is to learn which foods are seasonal, and some may be surprised to learn that eggs are seasonal too! For more information, visit

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If you’re an entrepreneur or a homesteader looking to make an income from your time, skills, or physical products, this podcast is for you! Join me and Anne Briggs (from Anne of All Trades) as we discuss the realities behind owning your own business, and how to properly price products to make a profit. For more information and related links from this episode, visit

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Sit down with Joel Salatin and me as we discuss methods for increasing the profits from your homestead, different methods for earning a living from your homestead, and ways to increase production (even on a small homestead). We also discuss the best animals and practices for regenerative agriculture and improving the land WITH your animals for both the health of the animal and the land. For more information, visit

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There are several different methods for food preservation, and in this episode of the Pioneering Today Podcast, we are going to cover what mechanisms are at play for nine of these methods. Not all forms of food preservation are appropriate for every food, so it’s important to have a good understanding of what is happening during food preservation in order to know which method to use. For more information, visit

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