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It’s that time of year again when we’re all searching for that perfect holiday gift for the ones we love. If you have a homesteader in your life (or someone who loves quality gifts), this is THE holiday gift guide for you, and I’m updating it this year with my newest favorite finds! You can think of this podcast like two friends sitting down chatting about their amazing deals. For all of the show notes and links to these great companies and products, visit

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In this podcast episode, we're talking to land-buying expert Dave Denniston from Generation Family Properties. He’s sharing all about purchasing land for on or off-grid living, ensuring a clean title and affordable options. If you've ever wanted to buy land, you may realize early on that it can be an intimidating process. Come listen to Dave’s best tips on doing your due diligence when acquiring land. For all of the show notes and links, visit

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Let's talk about the truth behind the USDA in America and its home canning industry regulations and recommendations. The USDA has guidelines for each different food to preserve as well as for different canning methods. Food preservation safety is crucial to keep food from spoiling and people who eat it from getting sick. If food is not preserved correctly, it will spoil and, therefore, must be discarded. For all of the show notes and links, visit

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Trust me when I say you’re in for a treat with today’s podcast. I'm chatting with Beth from Crowley House Flower Farm about how she earns a living doing what she loves… growing cut flowers. If you’re thinking, "I don't need to grow cut flowers," or, "I already grow flowers in my garden, so this episode isn't for me," stick with me because, for decades, I didn't put time or effort into growing flowers. Then I started studying herbalism and quickly realized how certain flowers (that double as medicine) can actually help my vegetable garden as well. For all of the show notes and links, visit

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