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When we’re dreaming of an ideal homestead, it’s true that many of us picture acreage with a beautiful log cabin tucked in the treeline, or a huge farmhouse with every upgrade imaginable. But does that mean without those things you can’t homestead? Absolutely not! I’m dispelling the most commonly believed homesteading myths in today’s podcast. To read them all and to grab the show notes and links mentioned, visit

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We’re talking about how to grow food year-round using covers. Most often, people think of growing under cover for colder climates, but this method actually works for helping grow your garden in the heat of summer, too. Niki Jabbour, author of Year Round Gardening: Growing Under Cover and and I are discussing all things gardening and chatting about methods for extending your growing season to all four seasons. Grab the show notes and links mentioned at

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In today's episode, I'm talking with Jessica Soward from Roots & Refuge Farm and we're discussing foolproof methods that you need to build into your gardening plan. When gardening overwhelm sets in, having these methods available means there's less stress to be had! Grab the show notes and links mentioned at

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If you’re considering buying land and starting a homestead, or even moving an existing homestead to a new property, this podcast is one you'll want to tune into to learn what to look for and things to be aware of BEFORE you buy. Today's episode is with Cathy Paine, who I interviewed all about raising American Guinea Hogs, and she's chatting with me, sharing all her insight into what you need to know when buying a homestead.  For more information and shownotes visit

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