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Living the pioneer or modern homesteader lifestyle is something that many of us are drawn to, but there are times in a family where only one person is on board. What can be done to encourage the rest of the family to take part in this self-sustainable way of life that gets them excited instead of dreading it? Join me for today’s podcast where I’m helping Stephanie, a member of the Pioneering Today Academy, with just that! For more information and show notes visit

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Keeping backyard egg-laying chickens is a wonderful way to offset your food costs. It’s also great to know you’re getting healthy eggs from hens that have been fed non-GMO food and had plenty of access to fresh greens, bugs and worms. But there are some specifics you’ll want to know before bringing your chickens home for the best success. Check out today’s podcast for everything you need to know to raise backyard chickens. For more information and shownotes visit

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Today we’re learning how we can grow MORE food with LESS work by using “food forests”. Daron, the founder of Growing With Nature, a website aimed at allowing our living world to come alive with abundance for people, plants and wildlife, is sharing his knowledge for growing food forests, why they’re important, and how to do it no matter what growing zone you're in or where you are in your gardening journey. Grab all the resources mentioned in today’s episode on the blog:

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In this episode, we’re talking about fermented dairy, the health benefits, the history and why you should absolutely be consuming fermented dairy on a regular basis. Not just fermented dairy, but HOMEMADE fermented dairy and why it’s so much better for you! Also, sign up for the Pioneering Today Academy waitlist here: For more information and show notes visit

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