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Do you have a vegetable garden or want to start one this year? Now is the time to plan for your best year yet in gardening. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or first-timer, you'll benefit from these tips. In this BONUS episode of The Pioneering Today Podcast, I'm sharing how you can actually get three garden seasons in a year, where to buy seeds, when to get seeds started or planted, plus many more tips on cold-weather gardening. For resource links go to Get your Family Garden Planner for planting charts, how much to plant worksheets, year, month, and day planner for your best garden ever.

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The holidays can bring out the best and worst in people. I tend to have more of a “PollyAnna” viewpoint, but with current situations surrounding COVID and 2020, I have noticed deeper emotions and more division this year than any other time in my life. Certainly, I’m not the only one dealing with this, so today we’re discussing how to handle these emotions surrounding the realities of 2020. For more information, or to read the podcast transcript, visit

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Certainly the "best" homemade gifts is subjective, but I'm basing this list on the gifts I've given or received and had the gift receiver come back and compliment, or ask for the recipe (or more) of what you gifted them! To me, that's a pretty big compliment. For more information, or to read the podcast transcript, visit

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It’s our goal each year to grow more food and improve our self-sufficiency skills. One of my goals this year is simplicity. Because of the canning supply shortage, wintering our crops in the garden was very important. Listen to this episode to learn which vegetables you can store in the garden, which vegetables don’t store well, and all my tips for how to store them properly WITHOUT heat or row covers. For more information, or to read the podcast transcript, visit

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Up until a year ago, I didn't even know about this specific breed of hogs, how they differ from the modern breeds, and how to raise them. But after reading "Saving the Guinea Hogs: The Recovery of an American Homestead Breed" by Cathy Payne, I was so excited to get started. Join me as I chat with Cathy in today's Pioneering Today Podcast, Episode #282, all about the American Guinea Hog. For more information, or to read the podcast transcript, visit

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It's close to the holidays and you may be wondering just what to get for your homesteading friends! In this episode of the Pioneering Today Podcast, I'm sharing the best gifts for homesteaders. Covering everything from the kitchen, to the garden, tools, gadgets, and more! For the full transcript and links visit

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When Autumn was bit by a tick at age 19, it took a number of years before her Lyme disease surfaced. She realized a change needed to happen, little did she know homesteading would help her Lyme Disease recovery.

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Over a year ago we did an experiment in the garden by covering half of it with wood chips. The results have been very eye-opening! Here's what I liked, disliked and if we're mulching with wood chips again this year.

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As a new homesteader, it can be hard to know what to do FIRST on your homestead. Or, if you've been homesteading for a while, what to do NEXT. In this podcast, I'm sharing my tips to know what to do next, and how it worked out for my family when first getting started so many years ago.

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If you have been homesteading for any length of time, or you’re just getting started with your homestead, there comes a time when you begin to feel overwhelmed with all of the work and everything that needs to get done. So how do we stay motivated and remember our “why” during these busy seasons? Listen to today’s podcast for my tips and motivation, and visit my blog for the transcript, show notes, and additional links from today’s episode:  

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Learn how to use root cuttings, stem cuttings, and even air layering to create free berry, fruit, and herb plants from existing plants. What you need to know about rooting hormones, best time of year for success, and more in this episode with plant expert Leslie Halleck. For blog post, resources, links and more visit

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Use this old method (funny how old things become new again, isn't it?) of co-grazing and silvopasture to increase your profit and sustainability with your livestock without increasing your land. This episode talks about which livestock is best suited to this, how to become more profitable, how to create a silvopasture and so much more. Grab links & resources at Get your ticket to my affiliate the Homesteaders of America's Conference

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These are the 8 things I'm doing now to make sure my immune system is stronger come cold & flu season this fall and winter and you should join me. I firmly believe it's the things we do every day that have the biggest impact on our health and quality of life. For links & resources go to For info on the Pioneering Today Academy and our Fall Herbal Challenge visit

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We're bringing in the harvest and that means herbs for the spice and natural medicine cabinet. Use these methods and tips to make sure you're getting the strongest medicinal properties in your herbs including the best harvest time, drying method, AND storing them correctly. Join my FREE live Using Herbs Effectively & Safely During Cold & Flu Season here and get resource links for this episode at

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Using all the forms of food preservation provides you with a lot more food to eat throughout the fall and winter and also means you're not left with mounds of molding produce if you can't get canning supplies. Some foods are better suited to specific forms of food preservation due to safety and others on how you like to cook/eat them. For links/resources/recipes go to

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Here's what we're doing to be ready for fall/winter, whatever it may bring. It's a little bit different than what we've done in the past, but many of these practices are ones we'll keep up as a permanent part of our homestead. Grab all the links and resources for today's episode 

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I've never shared like this before on a podcast, warning, you will hear me cry. But it's important that anyone raising animals knows what to expect, the emotional side of livestock (including butcher day though this story is about the birth of a calf the mother rejected and what unfolded), along with my personal story of losing a baby due to a tubal pregnancy. My goal is you will find beauty among the hard and be left with hope. 

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The health benefits of mushrooms are vast and when you consider you can easily grow them at home, it gets even more exciting. Ever since I found healing from stomach acid and ulcers by changing the food I ate (after being on the max dose of prescription medications) I've continued down the rabbit hole of using our food and herbs as medicine. Learn the benefits & how to preserve mushrooms at home for year-round use. Links & resources at

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Learning how to grow mushrooms at home opens up an entirely new world for food production (as well as medicine) in your backyard. You can grow different types of mushrooms in a variety of locations in your backyard and garden. We'll go over the 3 types of growing mediums and which mushrooms do best in each with Mary Ellen from Field and Forrest. For resources, pics and show notes

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It's been five months since the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. There are many changes that have taken place. Some which will remain going forward and some that I'm glad won't be permanent. The pandemic certainly changed a lot of things for almost everybody. How people view those changes depends on how they look at life. These are 7 things (some surprised me) that we're keeping as permanent changes in our lives. Resources and blog post at 

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There's nothing more frustrating than having bugs or other garden pests decimate your vegetables. Unfortunately, there's a lot of myths or suggestions to use synthetic pesticides. These are the tips that have actually worked in my garden. This way you can have delicious organic vegetables from your backyard without sharing them with pests. Snag links and resources at Get your copy of the Family Garden Plan to help you grow and harvest a year's worth of vegetables from your backyard

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Have fresh veggies all fall and into winter straight from the garden (and no greenhouse required) with these tips for a fall garden. The first year or two I tried fall gardening it didn't turn out so well, but now we harvest many plants clear through until January, even in our northern climate. For the full planting list with dates go to Get the chart (and my book) on how much to plant per person at

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Learn about this sustainable form of poultry to use on the homestead and how it's vastly underused today. How to put geese to use on your homestead both to work the land and how to make INCOME from them in multiple ways. Join me and Morgan Gold as we talk about ducks and geese on the homestead for livestock but also as a way to make money. Resources/show notes

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We raised and butchered a year's worth of meat birds for our family of 4 in 2 hours. The actual butchering took 2 hours, but the setup, clean up, and packaging were longer. I walk you through our process and tips we've gleaned over the years of raising our own meat birds. For step-by-step photos go to

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You'll want to make sure you're turning some of that fresh summer fruit into this easy homemade vinegar that uses only, are you ready for this, 1 ingredient!! This is the easiest food preservation and fermenting you'll ever do. Learn how, troubleshooting, and favorite ways to put that homemade vinegar to use with my guest Autumn (and find out what I've been doing wrong). To get a printable recipe & show notes go to 

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One of the questions I get asked the most is how do you manage to get so much done with work and a homestead? Today I'm sharing the truth about balance, seasons, and the fallacy of doing it all. I also give tips on how I've learned to keep the homestead functioning while still working a full-time job (including a day job off the homestead) and what my current schedule looks like. For links/resource  Get The Family Garden Plan HTTP:// 

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Learn the 10 things most organic gardeners forget about to help you grow more food in the space you have, even if it’s not ideal full sun! Many of us need to grow our own food this year, but not everyone has a really large space. Nicky and Dave live in a very urban environment & using the concept of permaculture and a food forest, they have the first-hand experience in growing in a smaller urban space they're sharing with us today. Resources and links Grow &  harvest a years worth of food with the Family Garden Plan free charts here

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Learn how to integrate new chicks into existing flocks, plus, all your questions on mixing meat birds with laying hens and how to keep dual-purpose chickens. Common mistakes you NEED to avoid for the health of your chickens and what to do if your chicken is being bullied by the rest of the flock. Resources at 

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Even without going Amish, we can glean a lot from their lifestyle to help us live more self-sufficient and simple with these 7 tips. Learn how one company has helped preserve the Amish way of life while coming full circle and offering Amish and homesteading tools to the public. Episode resources at Go to from May 22 to June 30, 2020 to receive 10% off any order $50 or more. Enter code PIONEER at checkout.

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While a productive garden is the goal, they should also be a place of sanctuary and beauty. Adding in these elements (even if you battle with shade) or small spaces, can bring you more joy in the garden, something we all could use more of, including weed suppression tips. For resource Join the Pioneering Today Academy now for your step-by-step plan to raise and preserve your own food

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What you need to know to raise chickens for meat, including what breed is best, where to purchase, how much food they need, butcher age, and what you need to do differently with meat birds to avoid early death or leg problems. Links and resources at Snag your free seat in my newest live class here How to Plan Your Crops & Harvest for a Year's Worth of Food


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These 8 common mistakes made by new gardeners are easy to avoid once you know what they are and though common with new gardeners, even us veteran gardeners may be making some of them! Resources and links at Free seat for the Organic Gardening Workshp over 6 days of videos walking you through growing your own vegetables in your backyard.

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These are non-food items to keep on hand at all times with tips to make sure you have what you need to run your home and homestead smoothly, from the vehicles, equipment and the cleaner/medicine cabinet. I share my favorites & where I get them. For resources, recipes, and guides go to Learn how to make homemade soap, herbal salves/ointments, beeswax candles and more

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These are the 13 pantry items I always have on hand and the amounts I'm now keeping as a bare minimum since COVID19. Having these items on hand ensures you can make a number of different foods for your family, no matter what is or isn't going on in the world. For links and resources go to 100+ of my best from-scratch recipes inside Hand Made

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We're implementing steps right now to raise more of our own food than ever before. I share how we're walking through these decisions, what we're adding, and what you should evaluate now on your homestead to have everything in place, including planning for livestock and feed. Resources at Grow a Years Worth of Food with my book The Family Garden Plan HTTP://

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What's better than planting something once and having food for years to come? Pretty much nothing! How about some fruit & nut tree varieties that will produce sooner than most? Now we're talking and we added in some uncommon edible plants you probably haven't heard of but make a gorgeous addition to your yard (where we're all spending a bit more time than usual!) Resources at Get the Family Garden Plan HTTP://

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Many of us are relying on our gardens this year for food than ever before. In this episode, I, Jill from the Beginners Gardener and Kevin from Epic Gardening share what our preparedness garden plans look like this year and our top 3 crop choices from 3 very different gardening climates to help you create YOUR gardening plan to feed your family. Get the free how much to plant per person for a year's worth of food chart HTTP://

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These homemade reusable substitutes for single-use store-bought items will serve you well, especially in these times when toilet paper can be hard to come by. Learn valuable tips for homemade versions of paper towels, toilet paper, plastic wrap and more! Resources at

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Having a home that is beautiful and functional is extremely important, especially now when many of us are spending more time there. These tips will help you create a vintage and handmade home with easy frugal ideas with inspiration from Lisa of Farmhouse On Boone. Resources at 

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Today I answer your questions on growing your own food straight from your messages. Now more than ever people are needing to grow a garden to provide for their family and I answer your questions. Snag resources at Get your FREE seat in the Organic Gardening Workshop NOW

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During this unprecedented time with the Coronavirus, I'm sharing what we're doing (and you can too) to stay calm, be prepared, and help others. Where to find staples (and what we're stocking), plans for growing food and herbal medicine, plus involving the family and kids. FREE Organic Gardening Workshop and links to tutorials resources from today's episode 

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Weeds have long plagued me in the garden & weed fabric does NOT work, but I've finally found some things that do work to keep weeds out of the garden naturally long term. Resources at Get your seat to the FREE Organic Gardening Workshop here from seed starting to permaculture 

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No matter what your thoughts are on the coronavirus this is the time to assess how your food storage and supplies are. Where I live schools are being shut down and my guest has people in quarantine around her, stores are empty of supplies, and she shares how being in the real midst of this affects your mindset. This is not meant as fear-mongering, but what is a reality where we are and how to use this time to assess your skill sets where they stand right now. Resources at Free Organic Gardening Workshop

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Sustainability and food security is a huge factor in why people start homesteading and can be created with a home garden. Luke from MIGardener shares how much he grows in a small area and how his garden sparked him to start a seed company that made seeds affordable (less than $1 per packet). Go to for resources AND a 15% off coupon code. Get the Family Garden Plan to know exactly how much to plant for your family and grow from seed to jar

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Learn how to care for fruit trees in fall & winter, including how to determine your pruning based on YOUR climate (this was fascinating!). Know what to do in fall and what you need to do in winter to ensure the vitality of your fruit trees and how to keep disease down. Go to for 10% off coupon code from Raintree Nurseries. Want step-by-step tutorials and lessons on growing and preserving your own food seasonally? Doors to the Pioneering Today Academy are only open for a short time

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Evaluating where we're spending our time, especially when we feel overwhelmed, is extremely important for anyone, but especially homesteaders. Not only do I share tips on how to evaluate activities when you don't have enough time but also what you need to know about the podcast moving forward (and no worries, it's not the last episode but it is the last Wednesday episode for the time being). To dive deeper with me check out the Pioneering Today Academy here while we're still open for new members

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Tips on how to declutter and organize your home. A homestead has more moving parts than most homes and without systems in place, it can quickly become a jumbled mess. Today TracyLynn gives tips on how to start with room resets and creating systems that work based on your habits and triggers for an organized home so you can get more done with less stress. Resources and links

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Learn where to buy whole grains in bulk, my favorite sources, and which grains I buy in bulk. I'll dive into how I use each of those grains in my baking and cooking to help you create a well-stocked pantry. Grab resources and links including recipes and guides for grinding your own flour at home and picking the best wheat berries for your family's needs.


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Small space vegetable gardening is doable and Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening shares how he grows a TON of food in a small urban environment and how these tips will help you grow more no matter how much or little space you have. Plus, he walks me through growing herbs indoors with hydroponics during the winter months! Get the links & resources hurry and snag your spot on the waitlist for the Pioneering Today Academy

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Not blessed with great gardening soil? No worries, these 3 easy tips on how to improve soil for gardening will help you out, especially if you have clay, compacted, hard, or sandy soil. We have good soil and I still use these tips every year in the garden. Links & resources at Get on the waitlist for the Academy for special exclusive videos and resources

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Using herbs medicinally isn't something I was raised with, but over the years, I turn to my natural medicine cabinet first but one needs to understand how to brew a medicinal cup of tea differently than just a regular cup of tea. Learn choosing the correct herb, medicinal herb sourcing, how to brew your tea medicinally & growing your own. Resources & links Get on the waitlist for the Pioneering Today Academy

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Picking the best location for a vegetable garden, herbs, or fruit trees depends on your growing climate and land. I walk you through the steps I take when putting in any new plants, beds, or moving ones that haven't been thriving so you can choose the best position for your garden with the 4 basic microclimates every yard has and how to identify microzones easily in the winter months. Resources at Get the Family Garden Plan for step-by-step planning, growing and harvesting a year's worth of food 

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Breeding chickens naturally using selective breeding for eggs and chicks, either to build up your own flock or to create a homestead income from your chickens. What you need to know about heritage breeds, picking a breeder, where to get started with your flock, and how to create your breeding plan, either for your own flock or business, with best tips for pricing, shipping and more! Get links here The Pioneering Today Academy only opens for new members a few times a year, get on the waitlist for exclusive goodies 

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Crop rotation is one of the easiest ways to make a big difference in your garden's health and decreasing disease, but people often get confused on how to implement it. I walk you through the 4 main vegetable families so you can easily use crop rotation either yearly or seasonal, based on your garden space and crops. Resources for today's episode Get on the waitlist for the Pioneering Today Academy

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Learn how to get started with no till gardening (including the pro's to this method) with Jo Lamp'l. Why you should consider no till gardening methods for healthier soil, including less weeds, and easy tips to transition existing beds to this method. Plus, excellent tips on growing tomatoes in containers successfully including some fun new varieties and how to use these tips for other container plants. Resources and links Your step-by-step tutorial to raising a year's worth of food The Family Garden Plan 

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I share how we plan our homestead year based on what we need to produce from the homestead and how that works into the calendar year. How we evaluate what and how much to raise for meat and adding in or adjusting infrastructure to make sure that happens, including how we phase things when budget and time is an issue. Links and resources at my step-by-step plan and guide for raising a year's worth of vegetables & fruit in The Family Garden Plan

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Just how many fruit and berry plants do you need to grow a year's worth per person in your family? I break down how many fruit and berry plants we have per person, how to choose which options are best for you based on your climate and space, and average yield amounts. Get the chart and info in the blog post at and snag your copy + bonuses of The Family Garden Plan to grow a year's worth of food for you family

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The exact list of heirloom varieties I grow in our garden each year. These are my tried and true must-have every year. I also share how much of each variety I plant to take us through an entire year. Get The Family Garden Plan for all the resources and charts to help you grow a year's worth of food here for the written list visit the blog post at

Direct download: Pioneering20Today20Episode20229.mp3
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Find out where I buy heirloom seeds and why you should be using some heirloom seeds in your garden if you're not. I also break down the difference in heirloom, hybrid and what GMO means for backyard gardeners as I still see a lot of WRONG info on what GMO seeds actually are. Grab my favorite sources and get your garden planning going with me! Resources & links at Grow your best garden ever this year with less work and higher yield with the Family Garden Plan

Direct download: Pioneering20Today20Episode20228.mp3
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Learn how to read seed packet information to help you pick the best varieties for your garden. What you must know about days to harvest and germination, spacing, and descriptions that turn in to your secret weapon to growing more food for your family in the same amount of space! For links and resources go to get signed up for the free worksheets and charts in the garden planning challenge

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