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You'll want to make sure you're turning some of that fresh summer fruit into this easy homemade vinegar that uses only, are you ready for this, 1 ingredient!! This is the easiest food preservation and fermenting you'll ever do. Learn how, troubleshooting, and favorite ways to put that homemade vinegar to use with my guest Autumn (and find out what I've been doing wrong). To get a printable recipe & show notes go to 

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One of the questions I get asked the most is how do you manage to get so much done with work and a homestead? Today I'm sharing the truth about balance, seasons, and the fallacy of doing it all. I also give tips on how I've learned to keep the homestead functioning while still working a full-time job (including a day job off the homestead) and what my current schedule looks like. For links/resource  Get The Family Garden Plan HTTP:// 

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Learn the 10 things most organic gardeners forget about to help you grow more food in the space you have, even if it’s not ideal full sun! Many of us need to grow our own food this year, but not everyone has a really large space. Nicky and Dave live in a very urban environment & using the concept of permaculture and a food forest, they have the first-hand experience in growing in a smaller urban space they're sharing with us today. Resources and links Grow &  harvest a years worth of food with the Family Garden Plan free charts here

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