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There's nothing more frustrating than having bugs or other garden pests decimate your vegetables. Unfortunately, there's a lot of myths or suggestions to use synthetic pesticides. These are the tips that have actually worked in my garden. This way you can have delicious organic vegetables from your backyard without sharing them with pests. Snag links and resources at Get your copy of the Family Garden Plan to help you grow and harvest a year's worth of vegetables from your backyard

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Have fresh veggies all fall and into winter straight from the garden (and no greenhouse required) with these tips for a fall garden. The first year or two I tried fall gardening it didn't turn out so well, but now we harvest many plants clear through until January, even in our northern climate. For the full planting list with dates go to Get the chart (and my book) on how much to plant per person at

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Learn about this sustainable form of poultry to use on the homestead and how it's vastly underused today. How to put geese to use on your homestead both to work the land and how to make INCOME from them in multiple ways. Join me and Morgan Gold as we talk about ducks and geese on the homestead for livestock but also as a way to make money. Resources/show notes

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We raised and butchered a year's worth of meat birds for our family of 4 in 2 hours. The actual butchering took 2 hours, but the setup, clean up, and packaging were longer. I walk you through our process and tips we've gleaned over the years of raising our own meat birds. For step-by-step photos go to

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