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These are ten ingredient swaps I use to make our recipes healtheir and more frugal. Some of our favorite family holiday recipes call for not so healthy ingredients, these are great options we use when wanting wholesome real food food for your family. 

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Learn how to use potatoes to stretch your food budget and increase your food storage. Recipes from the 1920's including using potato water in place of milk in your baking.

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These 7 tips and recipes from the Depression Era will help you stretch your food budget and serve easy tried and true recipes to your family from folks who lived through hard times. Like this? Pop over and leave us a review-->

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Learn 8 ways to preserve pumpkin at home, including the only way to safely can pumpkin at home. Build up your home food storage by learning how to preserve food when it's in season for a frugal kitchen. 

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Grinding my own flour at home makes me feel like a real pioneer woman. However, the first few weeks of baking with my fresh flour made me feel more than a little frustrated with dense breads and spread out pancake thin cookies. I've been grinding my own flour for almost two years now and I've learned some tips to save you time and help you bake fabulous goodies. Including why to grind flour at home, which kind of wheat is best for what kind of baking, and 6 tips for baking with fresh flour, because let me tell you, it ain't the same as regular store flour. 

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6 Fall Canning recipes and tips to increase your food storage by preserving fall crops and produce.

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Learn how to build a Great Depression Era pantry with these frugal tips and recipes. Stories from my father, who was raised during the Great Depression, and how we can prepare from their experiences.

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Learn how to grow your own food.

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Learn how to forage wild edibles in the spring. Morels and nettles are among the first to appear. Learn safety tips, medicinal purposes, and recipes. 

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Find out how home canning and help you survive the expense and extreme weather during the winter months with tips and recipes from the Canning Diva Diane Devereaux and Melissa K. Norris of Pioneering Today. 

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Starting seeds indoors can greatly increase your growing season and reduce your gardening cost. In today's episode we cover:


  • Why you should start seeds indoors
  • How to figure out when to start which seeds
  • Why seed starting is frugal
  • Which plants you should not start for transplants
  • Seed starting container options, including homemade
  • How and why to harden off tranpslants
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