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These are non-food items to keep on hand at all times with tips to make sure you have what you need to run your home and homestead smoothly, from the vehicles, equipment and the cleaner/medicine cabinet. I share my favorites & where I get them. For resources, recipes, and guides go to Learn how to make homemade soap, herbal salves/ointments, beeswax candles and more

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These are the 13 pantry items I always have on hand and the amounts I'm now keeping as a bare minimum since COVID19. Having these items on hand ensures you can make a number of different foods for your family, no matter what is or isn't going on in the world. For links and resources go to 100+ of my best from-scratch recipes inside Hand Made

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We're implementing steps right now to raise more of our own food than ever before. I share how we're walking through these decisions, what we're adding, and what you should evaluate now on your homestead to have everything in place, including planning for livestock and feed. Resources at Grow a Years Worth of Food with my book The Family Garden Plan HTTP://

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What's better than planting something once and having food for years to come? Pretty much nothing! How about some fruit & nut tree varieties that will produce sooner than most? Now we're talking and we added in some uncommon edible plants you probably haven't heard of but make a gorgeous addition to your yard (where we're all spending a bit more time than usual!) Resources at Get the Family Garden Plan HTTP://

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Many of us are relying on our gardens this year for food than ever before. In this episode, I, Jill from the Beginners Gardener and Kevin from Epic Gardening share what our preparedness garden plans look like this year and our top 3 crop choices from 3 very different gardening climates to help you create YOUR gardening plan to feed your family. Get the free how much to plant per person for a year's worth of food chart HTTP://

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