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Sustainability and food security is a huge factor in why people start homesteading and can be created with a home garden. Luke from MIGardener shares how much he grows in a small area and how his garden sparked him to start a seed company that made seeds affordable (less than $1 per packet). Go to for resources AND a 15% off coupon code. Get the Family Garden Plan to know exactly how much to plant for your family and grow from seed to jar

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Learn how to care for fruit trees in fall & winter, including how to determine your pruning based on YOUR climate (this was fascinating!). Know what to do in fall and what you need to do in winter to ensure the vitality of your fruit trees and how to keep disease down. Go to for 10% off coupon code from Raintree Nurseries. Want step-by-step tutorials and lessons on growing and preserving your own food seasonally? Doors to the Pioneering Today Academy are only open for a short time

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Evaluating where we're spending our time, especially when we feel overwhelmed, is extremely important for anyone, but especially homesteaders. Not only do I share tips on how to evaluate activities when you don't have enough time but also what you need to know about the podcast moving forward (and no worries, it's not the last episode but it is the last Wednesday episode for the time being). To dive deeper with me check out the Pioneering Today Academy here while we're still open for new members

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Tips on how to declutter and organize your home. A homestead has more moving parts than most homes and without systems in place, it can quickly become a jumbled mess. Today TracyLynn gives tips on how to start with room resets and creating systems that work based on your habits and triggers for an organized home so you can get more done with less stress. Resources and links

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Learn where to buy whole grains in bulk, my favorite sources, and which grains I buy in bulk. I'll dive into how I use each of those grains in my baking and cooking to help you create a well-stocked pantry. Grab resources and links including recipes and guides for grinding your own flour at home and picking the best wheat berries for your family's needs.


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Small space vegetable gardening is doable and Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening shares how he grows a TON of food in a small urban environment and how these tips will help you grow more no matter how much or little space you have. Plus, he walks me through growing herbs indoors with hydroponics during the winter months! Get the links & resources hurry and snag your spot on the waitlist for the Pioneering Today Academy

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Not blessed with great gardening soil? No worries, these 3 easy tips on how to improve soil for gardening will help you out, especially if you have clay, compacted, hard, or sandy soil. We have good soil and I still use these tips every year in the garden. Links & resources at Get on the waitlist for the Academy for special exclusive videos and resources

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