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Learn how to feed a family of 4 on just $82.50 a week (or $330 a month) with organic meats, fresh produce and real food sides, without coupons! This includes 3 meals a day and snacks.

We share how to do it month in and month out, how to get started with our FREE Cheat Sheet, 8 tips to get your grocery budget back on track NOW.

Get a sample meal plan, how to make it work without feeling like a slave to a specific plan and be flexible. 

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These are my favorite 6 tools that help save me time and money in our homestead kitchen where we're making almost all of our food from scratch. 

They're the things that if they broke, I'd go out and pay full price for them again, and that is saying something, am I right?

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Learn which foods were served in 1621 and how they've changed to what we typically serve now. Plus, how to use some of these traditions in your holiday meal prep from the food you've grown and harvested, along with  my families favorite traditional Thanksgiving recipes. 
You'll be surprised by the list of foods served back then, and maybe more so by the foods not served at the first Thanksgiving. 

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What you never knew about flour from the store, even organic and whole wheat, and how to bring back the lost art of home milling. Different flours, including gluten free options. Plus, using a home mill to grind up your own dehydrated vegetables and spices. 

Learn about the special offer on the new stone burr mill, including how to get my fresh flour baking mini e-course and baking guide with favorite recipes! 

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Learn why store bought soap is a poor alternative, why homemade soap is better, the actual chemical process of making soap, the 3 methods or types of soap making, and how to choose which is the best method for you.

Grab our soap making resource page including our chart on the properties of oils to choose when making your soap. 

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Learn these easy time saving tips that help keep the grocery budget down (and your energy bill) when serving up from scratch foods to your family. Shared from the Great Depression and my homestead kitchen to yours.

How we avoid cold cereal without cooking breakfast every morning, in fact, I usually only do this twice a month! 

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I share the exact steps we take to get our home and homestead ready for winter, from livestock, to the garden, inside and more. 

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Learn the tips we used to cut our debt and enable me to quit my day job 

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Learn these 5 tips to take your harvest further, how to create your own natural medicine items, and putting all parts of the harvest to work in multiple ways.

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Are homesteaders truly self-reliant? Looking at the myth of self-reliance in a modern age and back through history. 

In answer to Forbes article on Homesteading and Self-Reliance is a Delusion from a generational homesteader.

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Learn the benefits of homemade soap, how to source natural fats, and using natural colorants to create vibrant colors that are nourishing with herbs and spices. 

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Learn about ancient grains, how they differ from modern wheat, and the health benefits to Einkorn. Plus, tips to altering your recipes and baking with Einkorn to ensure delicious meals for you and your family, without the flops!

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In this episode I share why the truth about essential oils and how to stay safe when using them. The story of how I got started with essential oils, why I stopped using them for a time, and how I now use them but with safety factors in place. 

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My favorite 7 Natural Remedies I immediately put into practice to help treat coughs and colds. 

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Learn how to use insect repelling herbs and essential oils safely to create your own homemade bug block. 

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A pioneer kitchen consisted of basic tools to help them provide food for their family. These tools were found in kitchens a 100 years ago or more, but should still be used in every home and kitchen today. These are my favorites as well as the ones we use the most, on a daily or weekly basis. Grab our FREE guide how to cook outdoors with Cast Iron Dutch Ovens here

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Learn how to care for your baby chicks to set them up for a successful life span and providing you with fresh healthy food, that doesn't come from the grocery store. Our guide for the first 6 weeks. 

We take you out to the coop and brooder box, visit the show notes and the live video at Raising Baby Chicks- Complete Care Guide for the First 6 Weeks Episode #106

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Growing herbs for the kitchen is a great way to stock both your spice and natural medicine cabinet without having to buy them from the store. I share our 5 favorite best herbs to grow in pots when creating your kitchen herb garden. 

Plus, 2 bonus early spring time wild edibles you can forage for both food and medicinal purposes!

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Permaculture Gardening- Beginners Guide with 9 easy tips to implement in your garden today. Learn exactly what permaculture  means, how to begin adding permaculture design to your garden, with both your regular vegetable garden and your perennial and landscape. 

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I share what we've been struggling with and the criteria we use to decide what crops are worth it to grow at home and what ones we purchase from the store. And a little bit about why you haven't heard from me lately. 

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Learn the best seed starting container choices, reusing items in your home already, and how to choose which is best for which type of plant. Tips for starting your seeds and germination and special invite at the end.

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Feel like you have way more to do than hours in a day or week? You're not alone. These are 5 tips to help you find more time in your days and weeks so you can focus on the things that are important to you and getting them done. 

These are 5 tips for time management that actually work. 

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Look at the real cost of putting in a vegetable garden, from raised beds to in the ground gardening, with case studies from other gardeners, and how much money we save by growing our own vegetables to see if raising your own vegetables really saves money.

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Get these 8 tips for cutting out sugar for long term success and health. Why cutting out sugar actually has its feet in the days of the pioneers and a look at our current food system. 

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