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Learn how to care for your baby chicks to set them up for a successful life span and providing you with fresh healthy food, that doesn't come from the grocery store. Our guide for the first 6 weeks. 

We take you out to the coop and brooder box, visit the show notes and the live video at Raising Baby Chicks- Complete Care Guide for the First 6 Weeks Episode #106

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Growing herbs for the kitchen is a great way to stock both your spice and natural medicine cabinet without having to buy them from the store. I share our 5 favorite best herbs to grow in pots when creating your kitchen herb garden. 

Plus, 2 bonus early spring time wild edibles you can forage for both food and medicinal purposes!

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Permaculture Gardening- Beginners Guide with 9 easy tips to implement in your garden today. Learn exactly what permaculture  means, how to begin adding permaculture design to your garden, with both your regular vegetable garden and your perennial and landscape. 

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I share what we've been struggling with and the criteria we use to decide what crops are worth it to grow at home and what ones we purchase from the store. And a little bit about why you haven't heard from me lately. 

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