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Canning in electric pressure cookers and other pressure canning questions. What you NEED to know about using electric pressure cookers as a pressure canner (despite what the manual may say), what to do if the pressure falls, using well water in canners, double stacking jars inside a pressure canner, which pressure canner is best for your stove type, is it safe to use an older pressure canner (how old is too old), and how long do you have to wait between runs (multiple batches) when pressure canning? Get Melissa's free pressure canning video series here and visit the show notes for more links and resources at Today's show it sponsored by the Home Canning with Confidence e-Course, everything you need to know to safely can a  year's worth of food for your family, from jam, pie filling, pickles, tomatoes, salsa, vegetables, broth, meat, soups and more!

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